Sedgwick Workers Compensation

Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc., or in short Sedgwick CMS is a global leader in the provision of productivity management solutions and technology-enabled claims. Along with its affiliated companies,Sedgwick delivers cost-effective technology based claims, risk consulting, managed care, productivity, and other professional services to their diverse global clients. This is achieved through the combined expertise of some 12,000 colleagues scattered in about 275 offices in Canada, the U.S, the UK, and Puerto Rico.

Sedgwick together with its affiliates are known for designing and putting into effect customised programs that are based on proven global best practices and highly advanced technology which typically exceed the expectations of clients.

Sedgwick Claims Management Services

With the objective of expanding the cup of service offerings, in 2011 Sedgwick Claims Management Services set up a new line of business with the creation of a division that provides patient safety and risk management consulting to health institutions such as hospitals as well as other types of health care providers. More recently, Sedgwick CMS has in addition introduced errors and omissions (E&O) claims management targeting professional service organisations. Sedgwick workers' compensation has also expanded its claims management practice component of health care professional liability. They have also created a new unit that focuses on claims that are related to warranty and credit cards for banking institutions and other companies offering financial services.

The specialties of Sedgwick workers' compensation include:

The Growth of Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc

Through acquisitions, Sedgwick CMS has also expanded its business. In particular, 2011 was a busy year, with attention going to acquiring units of bigger organisations. This included the specialty risk services unit of Hartford and Nationwide Better Health's productivity solutions business (a Nationwide subsidiary). Also bought by Segwick CMS was Selective Settlements, a unit that facilitates structured settlements negotiations. Earlier in 2010, in efforts at boosting its own fraud detection operations, Segwick CMS acquired Factual Photo, now providing investigative services mainly for insurers and employers.

In 2010, Hellman & Friedman and Stone Point Capital both investment firms acquired Sedgwick CMS for about $1.1 billion. Previously the Company was owned jointly by a consortium of investors including Fidelity National Financial (majority stakeholder), Evercore Partners and Thomas H. Lee Partners.

Sedgwick Resources

Sedgwick workers' compensation is what is known in the industry as a Third Party Administrator. It handles all types of workers compensation, long and short term disability as well as Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) employers' claims. As a Third Party Administrator, Sedgwick manages workers disability and compensation claims, just like an insurance adjuster. However, Sedgwick is hired not by you, but by your employer. It provides the broadest assortment of integrated services that are available in the worker's compensation industry, delivered to you by knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated professionals.

Client Oriented

Sedgwick has realised success through paying attention to its customers, learning their needs, appreciating their challenges, and then offering solutions that are client tailored and believed to help in boosting their businesses. This is why Sedgwick workers' compensation has maintained its position as the market leader in this sector - not due to size, but as a result of the rich assortment of resources offered. These resources go towards providing comprehensive solutions to the needs of the clients unparalleled in this particular industry.

Sedgwick workers' compensation end-to-end solutions cover diverse areas such as:

Integrated Services

Sedgwick workers' compensation services integration offers clients as well as injured workers several advantages. The integrated team at Sedgwick provides a well-crafted strategy that has been designed to make sure clients are getting maximum value for the dollar at the level of claims and the injured employee gets best care.

Through the integration of every service starting from the very initial first call to the nurses immediately following an accident to the moment when a Sedgwick examiner finally closes a claim, the client is empowered to realise positive outcomes in cost and health controls. Typically, Sedgwick integrated care clients experience shorter claim duration and faster return to work.

Claims Solutions

A diverse blend of technology-enabled productivity management and claims solutions, combined with the expert resources are applied during the entire process of Sedgwick workers' compensation claims management. Additionally, Sedgwick offers claims services that are highly specialised to meet the requirements of a diverse customer base.

These include:

Sedgwick is offering some of the most customer-focused and diverse solutions in the entire U.S. market.

Technology Solutions

Technology solutions from Sedgwick provide clients with the capacity of managing a full range of productivity management and claims solutions. Additionally, it helps to manage a diversity of claim types, by integrating vital services that go towards enhancing outcomes.

This includes:

Sedgwick workers' compensation provides clients with cutting edge tools which are effective and comprehensive. Through viaOne® - a products suite that supplies everything required, from the intake of a claims to the ability of viewing particular claims, getting vital alerts, running reports and queries, and analysing important data - Sedgwick clients virtually have everything needed through a website that is easily accessible.


Sedgwick handles all kinds of workers' compensation claims resulting from chronic pain issues or on-site injuries, to maternity leave. Claims managers at Sedgwick deny or approve authorisation for visits to the doctor, surgeries, medical coverage that requires prescription or physical therapy and they also administer payments for disability. Depending on the kind of injury you are experiencing, you could get assigned a Nurse Case Manager who will come with you during your visits to the doctor or you might be required to utilise one of Sedgwick's contracted physicians.

Sedgwick contracts with different employers as their general administrator for all workers' claims. Clients under the umbrella of Sedgwick workers' compensation include huge employers such as General Electric, AT&T, Delta Airlines, Greyhound, Xerox, United Healthcare, and lots of other companies. With many global offices and a huge staff compliment, Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc. provides other additional services to various employers such as time-off tracking, claims investigations, litigation management, cost management assessment, and the identification of groups deemed as high-risk.

Sedgwick gives you their promise to be great stewards of your entire business, to give you access to a broad range of resources that have been tailored to meet your particular requirements. Sedgwick offers commitment daily.